Time to return

I have been thinking about returning for some time now and finally I have found the motivation to write reviews again and be able to produce content that isnt just for tiktok. I have missed writing my reviews, plus if I am not writing something then my laptop just seems to be sitting around doing... Continue Reading →

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds Review

I had been recommended this book not long after finishing Punching The Air so it started climbing its way up my tbr till I decided today to see why I was recommended it. A cannon. A strap. A piece. A biscuit. A burner. A heater. A chopper. A gat. A hammer A tool for RULE... Continue Reading →

This Winter by Alice Oseman Review

After loving the heartstopper series so much I needed more Charlie and Nick in my life and after recently being gifted this book from a booktok friend I thought it was time to get back into that world again. I used to think that difficult was better than boring, but I know better now… I’m... Continue Reading →

Pokemon Adventures Vol 6 Review

After how the last volume ended I wanted to see what the story writers were going to do with all the side characters who have just ended up on the same island so we are jumping straight into volume 6. I love the story in this volume probably the most out of the volumes so... Continue Reading →

Wilder Girls by Rory Power Review 

This is another one of those books that a lot of people on Booktok have been talking about recently and I thought it was about time that I got around to reading it. It's been eighteen months since the Raxter School for Girls was put under quarantine. Since the Tox hit and pulled Hetty's life... Continue Reading →

Persona 5 Volume 1 Review

So with Persona 5 being one of my all time favourites games so when finding out it has a manga adaptation you know I had to instantly buy it. So does the manga keep up with the game? After being arrested and having to transfer to a new high school in Tokyo, Akira Kurusu is... Continue Reading →

Pokemon Adventures Volume 5 Review

Back onto the manga and I cant wait to see what this instalment has got in store for me as I have recently been loving this series all over again. The story in this manga continues from the fourth where we get to know more about Yellow and their mysterious powers, and to see if... Continue Reading →

Pokemon Adventures Volume 4 Review

Continuing the manga reads currently straight onto volume 4, so what did I think of this one? After he got a challenge to a battle of a mystery person Red has been missing for two months and no one has heard from him since. All his friends and family are starting to get worried about... Continue Reading →

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