Lord Loss by Darren Shan Review

I’ve felt like ive needed a little bit more Darren Shan in my life for some time now and finally decided to read The Demonata series as ive never read it before so lets see what I thought of it.

When Grubbs Grady first encounters Lord Loss and his evil minions, he thinks that he will never again witness such a terrible night of death and darkness.


Taken from goodreads

So from the off I had forgotten the humour that Darren Shan includes in his books and I think that is one of the main reasons I miss his work so much. Grubbs as a character has a great sense of humour and does a great job in making the book so good to read this as you just want to read whatever line he is going to come out with next.

I like to say that Darren Shan is the young adult version of Stephen King with the horror that is in his book. Lord Loss does a pretty good job in showing that with the inclusion of nightmare worthy demons. With them all I want to do is jump into the other books so I am able to find out more about them and what other demons Darren Shan is willing to give us.

For me I did find this volume to be a little bit simple, and I get the fact that I am not the target audience for this but it felt like every time there was a major problem then it was instantly solved with magic and for me that just felt a bit of a let down in my personal opinion.

This is a still a good book and has made me look forward to what the rest of the serie sis going to have to offer I just wished it wasnt so easy.

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