Pokemon Adventures Volume 2 Review 

It has been some time since I last got into this manga so lets jump right back in and see if I enjoy it as much as I did the first.

The story is probably the whole reason why I am loving this series so much, of course we follow Red who is trying to become the best trainer in the world but that isn’t the main story any more. We see him go from town to town catching pokemon and winning badges but in this book he seems to be running into team rocket a lot more. Red gets to go inside of the Team Rocket base and try and find out where mysterious girl has gone. While doing this he discovers some of the experiments that Team Rocket are doing and he will do anything to stop them.

In the review of the first volume I said that this manga is for fans of Pokemon who are a bit more adult and this statement still stands with this volume. This is due to seeing a bit more mature stuff happen such as Pokemon actually dying instead of simply fainting. For me this makes it a bit more of an improvement over the anime.

The art style I still am loving, however in this volume I did find some of the panels to be a bit hard to make out but that is because they are mainly explosions or zoomed out shots so that is sort to be expected.

I am now more intrigued then ever to keep on with this series as I simply have got to know more about Red and the rest of the characters to see what they are going to be getting up to next.

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