Pokemon Adventures Volume 3 Review

I read the second volume earlier this morning and now I am jumping straight into the third as I can feel just how much I have missed reading manga and seeing how I already own the first 27 volumes there is no reason why not to jump into it.

Red is improving rapidly as a Pokémon; trainer–but so is his competition. But now Red must team up with his biggest rival Blue and thief Green to defeat a common enemy! And watch out for Team Rocket, Red… They won’t let you into Saffron City!

Taken from goodreads

Storywise, the story is pretty damn good. Red is trying to stop Team Rocket as well as get a few more gym badges during his free time. For the first time Red and Blue team up as we get to see them actually improve the relationship especially seeing how they became rivals in Volume 1. We also get to see a full battle between the two of them with the full teams and trust me when I say it is an exciting read. After getting introduced to Green in the last volume she has since become a recurring character which is a nice addition.

The art is once again just as good as always, in the last volume we had a few panels that were a bit hard to read but that does not seem to be the case in this book as we got a few pages with big art that were simply great to look at. With the great art it makes the story that much better in my opinion.

This is probably the best book of the series so far so I recommend reading to get to this book as we are treated to some great story of a great series.

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