Pokemon Adventures Volume 5 Review

Back onto the manga and I cant wait to see what this instalment has got in store for me as I have recently been loving this series all over again.

The story in this manga continues from the fourth where we get to know more about Yellow and their mysterious powers, and to see if they are able to use these powers in order to find Red who has gone missing. 

The story itself is great and it does a great job in making you want to speed through the whole book to just try and see what everyone is going to do in order to try and find Red. The new style of “battles” that Yellow brings to the book are a bit of a pace difference from what we are used to with Red but they are still interesting and are so fun to read about.

I do love when we get to see some of Yellows powers as they bring a bit of magic to the book and it is always appreciated.

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