Persona 5 Volume 1 Review

So with Persona 5 being one of my all time favourites games so when finding out it has a manga adaptation you know I had to instantly buy it. So does the manga keep up with the game?

After being arrested and having to transfer to a new high school in Tokyo, Akira Kurusu is given the goal of rehabilitation and awakened to a new power—the power of one’s true self, a Persona. Using his Persona and the mysterious navigation app Momentos, Akira and his friends take on the role of phantom thieves, saving people from the twisted desires of those around them.

Akira Kurusu thought he was doing the right thing when he rescued a woman who was being attacked. Expelled from his school and sent away from home, he is enrolled in Shujin Academy on probation. Trouble finds him again on his first day when he comes across delinquent Ryuji Sakamoto and the two somehow stumble into a castle in an alternate reality. Caught by the castle’s king, the schoolteacher Kamoshida, Akira discovers his will to rebel and awakens the power of his Persona!

Taken from goodreads

So instantly the memories I had with the game came right back as soon as the story started. Akira having to go to cafe leblanc all because he protected a woman and then slowly getting to see his life change even more when he goes to school, I instantly feel back in love with the whole Persona 5 world all over again.

The art style is really good as well, the character designs are exactly the same as they were in the game which for me is a good thing due to how much I loved the art style of the game so to get it in manga form is always a big plus for me.

I was wondering how they were going to bring in the battle style from the game into the manga and it isn’t an exact copy of how it was (but to be fair how could it be exact when it is a turned based RPG without the story getting boring). It is more of a normal fighting style which is a bit of a change to what I am used to doing but I think I am going to enjoy it more.

It is great to be back in this world and you already know I have the next manga volume on its way as we speak so can’t wait to get into that.

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